GoMining Pizza Miners Limited Edition
Sale now on!
Harnessing real computing power, these BTC miners do the hard
work for you. So, sit back, relax, and say hello to daily rewards.
pizza minerspizza miners
Pizza and Bitcoin are back together again! 
For a limited time only, get a 10% discount on 2TH and 4TH miners using the promo code:
You’ve got until May 26th before the discount ends! Plus, get your hands on these exclusive GoMining Pizza Miners Collection!
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pizza miners
Discount will be available 15:00 UTC on May
22nd until 15:00 UTC May 26th.
Discover the Collection
Each Pizza Miners by GoMining brings you daily BTC rewards directly to your wallet. Our virtual miners earn BTC just like real ones, as all of them are backed by the power of our data centers. By acquiring a miner, you gain a portion of this real-world infrastructure.
Featuring 20W/TH energy efficiency and 16TH power.
Hurry! There are only 50 available! 3 will go to our lucky contest winners. Plus we’ve got some amazing prizes up for grabs!
Year's supply of pizza
3 Pizza Miner NFTs
2,000 GOMINING tokens
How to Participate
Step 1
Get creative:
Whether it’s memes, videos, a song, a dance, a comic series, or a story — it can literally be anything that’s Bitcoin and pizza-themed.
Don’t forget to mention GoMining in
your post!  Or feature our logo to boost your
chances of winning.
Step 2
Remember to include three essential elements in your post:
Pizza, Bitcoin, and GoMining.
Step 3
Share your creations
on social media
Share using the hashtags #pizzaminer and #bitcoinpizzaday and tag @GoMining_token on X
(formerly Twitter), Instagram, and @GoMining on Facebook and we’ll be sure to repost!
Don't miss out
how to start earning
Step 1
Create a GoMining account
Sign up for your GoMining personal account to access exclusive features and monitor your mining rewards
Step 2
Create or buy your NFT miner
Choose and mint an NFT to start your mining journey. From May 22nd until May 26th, get a 10% discount on 2TH and 4TH miners using the promo code: PIZZAMINER
Step 3
Add your BTC wallet
Link your BTC wallet in the Wallets section to receive rewards on it
Enjoy daily BTC rewards
Sit back and watch as your miner generate daily rewards. You can upgrade your
miner and perform simple actions to receive even greater rewards.
Frequently asked questions

We have a network of 9 data centers across the globe. The mining equipment of these data centers is involved in Bitcoin mining and works around the clock at each of these sites.

By acquiring a virtual NFT miner, you gain a portion of this real-world infrastructure. Here you can find information about the mining pools that are supported by our capacities.

The amount of your daily BTC rewards depends on various factors like:

You don’t have to withdraw rewards. Just connect your BTC wallet to your GoMining personal account. Only Bitcoin blockchain wallets are supported.

Your rewards will be automatically sent to the wallet once reaching the minimum sending threshold of 10 000 Satoshis (0.0001 BTC). Until then, rewards will accumulate on your virtual balance.

You can hold virtual miners from different GoMining collections at the same time. We have no restrictions on the number of miners you can hold or their collections.
Got more questions?
Contact our support team, and we'll be happy to assist you.
GoMining is a network of 9 data centers across the globe that work around the clock at each of these sites. Our approach to mining is simple — allowing you to earn BTC effortlessly.
114K miners
Purchased NFTs earning BTC for their holders
3.99M terahashes
Total power of the purchased miners
Since 2021
Daily distribution of BTC mining rewards
Start mining with Pizza Miners by GoMining
Earn daily BTC rewards and become a part of the rapidly growing mining community.