veGOMINING: Lock Your Tokens and Earn Every Week

January 8, 2024

🤩 GoMining is a profitable project for absolutely everyone.

Do you want to receive Bitcoin daily? Buy our NFTs, each one of which is backed by the power of a real fleet of devices.

Do you want to earn GOMINING, whose value is constantly growing? Then purchase our native token on an ETH wallet, lock the desired amount on a veGOMINING smart contract, and watch your wallet get topped up every Tuesday.

Here are a few details for you:

📌 After opening a lock position, you will be awarded veGOMINING votes. The amount of the latter is equivalent to the duration of the lock period and the number of tokens locked.
📌 Every Tuesday we burn all tokens spent on NFT maintenance, mint new tokens and distribute 20% of them as rewards to veGOMINING holders.
📌 You will receive rewards depending on your voting power, that is, the share of your veGOMINING votes to the total votes minted.
📌 With veGOMINING votes, you receive not only rewards in tokens but also governance rights. They will give you the opportunity to participate in the decision-making of the project.
📌 The amount of veGoMining votes on your balance will decrease over time. To get more votes and receive more rewards, you can upgrade the lock.

How to lock GOMINING tokens:

1️⃣ Go to the My lock section.
2️⃣ Connect your wallet via MetaMask or Wallet Connect.
3️⃣ Enter the amount of tokens you want to lock or the votes you want to get.
4️⃣ Choose the lock period.
5️⃣ Click Approve allowance.
6️⃣ Click Get votes.
✅ Done! Your votes will appear in the My lock section.

❗️Please note that you can have only one lock at a time. Tokens can't be unlocked before the end of the lock period.

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