Humans. Incredible GoMiners Heroes Are Available Now

January 23, 2024

🔥The first series of GoMiners heroes is already available in your personal account! Watch, claim, use them as an avatar, and get additional bonuses!

🦾They are called Humans. These are the cybernized people of the future, capable of mining bitcoins with just the power of thought.

🔝Their superpower is Automated Service. Users who choose heroes from the Humans series will never have to click on the Service button again to get an additional discount on electricity. Their avatar will do it for them.

🔑All owners of level 10 mining farms have already received access keys for the first GoMiners. If the total hashrate of your NFTs has reached 5,000 TH/s, look for your key on the My Profile tab in the GoMiners pages. You also will receive a welcome pack from GoMining.

Registered users will also find information about upcoming contests and their conditions there.

🤩Starting today and running until January 30th, an access key will be raffled off among owners of The Greedy Machines.

Anyone who purchases a digital miner from the very first collection before 3 PM UTC next Tuesday or simply continues to hold one, can participate in the raffle.

So, if you have one NFT from this collection, your chance of winning is 1 in 5,000. However, if you have 10 such digital miners on your wallet, your chances of winning will logically increase to 1 in 500.

Don't have any Greedy Machines yet? Look for these digital miners on the Secondary Market.

How to activate your access key?

1️⃣ Go to the Collections section on the GoMiners page, select any available hero and click claim;
2️⃣ In the opened shopping cart, press next;
3️⃣ After that, select the wallet where the avatar will be stored and tap claim again;
☑️ Done. The avatar from the GoMiners collection will belong to you indefinitely.
Please note that the access key has no expiration date. You can use it at any time.

🙌Congratulations to those who have received access keys for GoMiners avatars!