Digging into GoMining’s rarest digital avatars

December 26, 2023

The GoMining team has been working for several months on a collection of digital avatars that will help our users stand out in the digital space, as well as give them unique privileges in our ecosystem.

It’s time to spread the word and get into the nitty-gritty of this large-scale project from GoMining.

Buckle up, it’s going to be exciting!

GoMiners. What is it and for what?

GoMiners is a limited-edition series of digital avatars for users of the GoMining ecosystem — owners of NFT from BMINE who are actively involved in the development of the company and the community.

You can’t buy these heroes directly, but you can earn them through certain merits and achievements within the framework of the project.

The collection consists of a limited set of avatars that can be used for identification both within our ecosystem and beyond. By claiming a hero, its owner automatically receives unique bonuses. They will help increase mining rewards, give access to limited-time offers from the project, and also allow their owner to occupy a privileged position within the ecosystem.

GoMiners: The Legend

This is the story of the crypto battle that is unfolding before your very eyes.

It begins on planet Earth and will cover many others.

This is the world of the future. A world in which the technology and capabilities of the human body have advanced to a completely different level.

People have come to realize that the brain is the best machine in the world. One that is able to mine faster than any hardware. Gifted representatives have learned how to connect directly to the network and have been constantly connected since then, with special devices helping them do this.

People now modify and upgrade themselves and their abilities, increasingly merging their bodies with the latest technologies. They are ready to do anything for the sake of the crypto that feeds all processes.

One fine day we realized that we’re not alone in the universe. Other seekers began entering the network, who then started battling it out with people for the precious crypto. That’s how the gargantuan struggle for the universe’s main resource began.

Now the network is a common platform connecting an enormous number of worlds, where many heroes unite in an effort to win all the crypto for themselves.


GoMiners: Number & Release Dates

There are only 1,000 of them.

Ten species of 100 representatives with unique appearance and characteristics.

Three major avatar releases are scheduled for the near future.

  • The first available to users will be Humans.

The release of this mini-series, consisting of 100 avatars, will take place on January 23, 2024.

  • The second type, Cryptiles, will be available in the first quarter of 2024.
  • The third type, Sentinels, will be released in the second quarter of 2024.

How to get a GoMiners avatar?

In order to receive access to claim any hero from the GoMiners collection, you need to obtain an access key.

One key gives you the right to select and claim one avatar from those available.

How to get an access key:

1. Achievements

Improve your mining farm.

2. Activity

Participate in access key sweepstakes. New competitions and quests will be held every week.

We will tell you more about the conditions for obtaining access keys later. Follow our social networks.

Privileges & Heroes Superpowers

Each avatar from the GoMiners collection provides owners with a number of unique bonuses:

1. Access to the pre-sale of functional collections

You can be the first to choose the coolest and rarest NFTs from the new series.

2. Lifetime discount

You will receive a permanent 5% discount on NFT from the primary market, as well as on upgrades of all your miners.

3. NFT merch

We will send you a welcome pack with cool merch from GoMining for the first claimed avatar.

4. Access to the private club GoMiners

You will have access to a chat with insider information about the project, a personal manager, and offline events for other GoMiners avatar owners.

Each GoMiners mini-series also has its own unique superpower.

If you select a Human, this avatar will automate the daily press of the service button, ensuring a guaranteed additional 3% discount on electricity fees.

We will talk about the superpowers of other heroes when each mini-series is released.

Meet the GoMiners Right Now!

You can already get acquainted with the basic information about GoMiners on the company’s website.

On a separate page in your personal account, you will be able to track your progress to obtain access keys and get info with the sweepstakes rules..

The heroes you have collected and the GoMiners available for selection will also be here.

Be active, participate in the development of the company, improve your mining farm, and perhaps you will be the lucky individual to pick up one of the rarest digital avatars from GoMining.

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