GOMINING Tokens Now Available on the TON Network With the Chance to Earn 5% Cashback!

July 01, 2024

Have you heard the news? GOMINING tokens are now available on the TON network, marking another milestone in GoMining’s journey, bringing mining to all. Not only does this extra feature enhance our ecosystem but it provides our users with greater flexibility and opportunities.

A total of 20,000,000 GOMINING tokens on the ETH (ERC-20) network have been burned to be issued on the TON network.

To celebrate this next stage in our partnership, we’re launching an exclusive promotion for TON users!

Celebrate With 5% Cashback Rewards

We’ll be offering a special 5% cashback on all purchases made with GOMINING tokens on the TON network. This limited-time promotion is our way of saying thank you to our valued users and gives you a chance to experience first-hand the unique benefits GOMINING tokens provide.

Key Details:

From July 1st at 15:00 UTC until July 8th 12:00 UTC, spend GOMINING tokens on the TON network within our system to be eligible for the promo. All purchases made in the “Create Miner” section will be valid for cashback. This does not apply to Secondary Market purchases and electricity payments. Participants will receive 5% cashback on the total amount spent. The cashback amount will be manually calculated and paid out as a fixed amount in GOMINING tokens to your virtual wallet at the end of the promotion period. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn on your purchases, so don’t miss out!

How Does It Work?

1. Get Your Hands on GOMINING Tokens on the TON Network

GOMINING tokens on the TON network are only available for direct purchase from our platform. To acquire these tokens, you will need to buy them from the GoMining App:

IMPORTANT! Choose your TON wallet address as a recipient address.

2. Spend Your Tokens

Once you’ve got GOMINING tokens on the TON network, you can spend them within our system on all purchases in the “Create Miner” section. These purchases will qualify for the 5% cashback offer.

How to Take Part

  1. Make your choice: Select the NFT or upgrade you want to purchase.
  2. Payment method: Select “By crypto” and then choose “GOMINING”.
  3. Proceed to payment: Click “Pay” to be redirected to the payment gateway.
  4. Select network: Choose the TON Network.
  5. Complete payment: Follow the prompts to pay for your purchase.

That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve been entered into the promotion!

3. Receive Your Cashback

Once the promotion has ended, we will manually calculate the total amount spent by each user on the TON network and issue the 5% cashback as a fixed amount. The cashback amount will be paid in GOMINING tokens and credited to your virtual wallet.

Bonus! One winner will receive a GoMiner PFP at the end of the promo.

Note! The cashback is only valid for purchases made in the “Create Miner” section and does not apply to the Secondary Market and electricity payments.

About GoMining

Our mission at GoMining is to break down barriers and open up the world of bitcoin mining for all. By introducing the Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate, we’ve been able to give users the flexibility to control their mining journeys and, at the same time, revolutionize the world of bitcoin mining. Our innovative approach and bitcoin-mining NFTs remove all of the issues associated with complex and expensive setups. With 9 data centers based around the world, our users have access to affordable energy fees, giving an added boost to their mining journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to build and expand the GoMining ecosystem.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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