2023 at GoMining: A Look Back

December 31, 2023

The year 2023 is coming to an end. During this time, we managed to implement the plans outlined in the roadmap, scale up several times and improve the operating principle behind our native token.

Reaching Milestones

🟣 We released 8 NFT series, including the special Khabib NFT Collection, 4 collections dedicated to cardinal directions, 2 themed holiday collections, and The Party Box Collection. This is more than 30,000 unique digital miners, whose owners mine BTC every day;

🟣 By the end of the year, the power of the NFT sold (hashrate) had reached 2,100,000 TH/s;

🟣 The number of our NFT holders has exceeded 10,000 unique users;

🟣 The GOMINING token has been listed on 4 new exchanges.

Mining for Everyone

🟣 We have connected more than 10 providers with payment coverage in over 170 countries, with the product featuring more than 550 different payment methods;

🟣 We have improved our apps in the AppStore and on Google Play and enabled in-app one-button payment in Apple Pay and Google Pay;

🟣 Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay have been connected. Users can pay for our product using their personal account on these popular exchanges;

🟣 We have enabled 6 authorization methods in a user’s personal account, making access to products even more convenient, understandable, and simple;

🟣 In 2023, we introduced the upgrade feature for our digital miners, so today we provide the opportunity for the most convenient mining around. With our NFTs, users do not need to sell outdated equipment. At the same time, they can, at the touch of a single button, improve the characteristics of the equipment behind their digital miners to the most modern parameters;

🟣 Our app appeared on two additional stores, the Xiaomi App Mall and Huawei AppGallery;

🟣 We have expanded the list of available languages on our website and in our personal account to 21.


🟣 We have developed and implemented our new tokenomics consisting of a discount model, Mint & Burn, and veTokenomics and launched a voting procedure;

🟣 The LBH (Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate) narrative was introduced. In less than 5 months, users have locked almost 100 million tokens on the veGOMINING smart contract (over 22% of the total supply), and more than 9 million tokens have been paid out in rewards. This is an excellent indicator of a working model;

🟣 Since the introduction of our tokenomics, the price of the token has begun to grow organically, with its market capitalization now having exceeded $100 million;

🟣 Starting from January 1st, 2024, we will disable the function of receiving payments for owning NFT in GOMINING tokens. This change is necessary in order to increase the organic demand for the token and motivate users to purchase on CEX (centralized) and DEX (decentralized) exchanges, which should also have a positive effect on the price of the token.


Plans for 2024

For 2024, the GoMining team has set forth an ambitious project development plan. You can get to know it in the Roadmap on our website.


📌 Taking into account market trends, project growth and the speed of sales scalability, we expect a multifold increase in the number of NFT holders over the next year. The volume of capacity sold will exceed 10,000,000 TH/s. GoMining plans to build new data centers in 2024 and is considering including other service providers in our protocol to ensure the operation and provision of such a hashrate;

📌 The exponential growth in the number of our NFT holders has shown that we need a new look at the collections being released, as well as their number.

Our plans concerning this include:

◼️ In January 2024: Increasing all NFT collections dedicated to the cardinal directions to 10,000 digital miners each. Other functional collections will remain unchanged. The exception will be the ultra limited-edition Party Box Collection. It will continue to be updated with the NFT mini-series we release for global holidays.

◼️ In the first half of 2024, we will introduce a new format of digital miners. We are sure that you will definitely like the improved approach! NFT owners will be able to independently choose a network for minting their miners, including plans to add the BRC-20 network. Follow our social networks so as not to miss out on the details;

📌 Next year, the company plans to expand the quantity of top exchanges where the GOMINING token is listed;

📌 The company also plans integration with other blockchains and their technical support within our ecosystem;

📌 An important point for 2024 is the introduction of a collateral mechanism on our protocol. By themselves, NFTs are an excellent collateral tool. The hashrate has its own price and oracle (what determines the value of an asset). We want the owners of our NFTs to be able to deposit them, receive stablecoins for them, all while continuing to mine. This will add value to the project and make it a fully fledged DeFi endeavor;

📌 We also plan to hold one small round and attract several well-known funds (for the sale of a portion of the tokens allocated to the team). This will give the project additional trust and support in terms of positioning and future integrations.

Community & Gamification

📌 The key driver behind the project is the community. Especially for users, we are releasing a unique collection of avatars made up of 10 species. Access to the heroes will be free, and the achievements of users will be taken into account. Based on the underlying concept and the bonuses that owning a hero gives, we expect this collection to become one of the most desirable among users of our ecosystem;

📌 We took into account the wishes of NFT holders mining BTC in Pool Mining mode. Manual clicks will be abolished beginning on January 1st, 2024. This change is being made to create a fair game for mining pools of all sizes. Winning now relies on luck only, just like in real-world mining. In 2024, we plan to modernize the game and add various mechanics; the Roadmap will be published a little later.

Decentralization & Transparency

In terms of transparency and decentralization, the company plans to move in several directions:

📌 Creating your own mining pool

What advantages will this step bring:

◼️ Higher profitability: When you mine in your own pool, you don’t have to share your rewards with other miners. This means that we can keep all of the bitcoins and share more of them with you.

◼️ Greater control: When you run your own pool, you have more control over the mining process. We can set your own fees, choose which blocks to mine, and even decide how to distribute rewards to your miners.

◼️ Increased privacy: If you connect to a large, public pool, your mining activity is public record. This can be a privacy concern for some miners. When you run your own pool, you can keep your mining activity private.

◼️ Potential for experimentation and boosting mining rewards: Running your own pool can be a great way to easily apply new mining strategies and techniques synced with our new in-house designed firmware.

📌 Moving functionality on-chain

Along with creating our own mining pool there is a lot of work to be done regarding shifting to on-chain mining:

◼️ On-chain rewards: Syncing your liquid hashrate with the recipient wallet for BTC mining rewards increases the privacy and scalability of the system.

◼️ DeFi integrations: In order to integrate with the biggest DeFi projects and increase the global presence of GoMining crypto-related platforms must comply with particular standards.


GoMining will continue to scale and improve its products in 2024 to allow us to achieve our main goal, that is, to make mining accessible and understandable to absolutely everyone.

Become a part of our ecosystem and choose the best way in the world to mine Bitcoin!