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About the token

GMT is a token backed by the power of our mining infrastructure. Token holders receive daily rewards from mining to their Bitcoin wallets directly from the mining pool.

Smart contract address: 0x7Ddc52c4De30e94Be3A6A0A2b259b2850f421989
Employee GoMining@

Mining with GMT is easy

GMT eliminates the main difficulties and allows you to commence mining within 24 hours.

How the token works?

The user acquires a token. Each token is accompanied by a portion of the computing power of the GMT device fleet.
The holder decides to use the token to mine bitcoin.
The holder registers on the website:, verifies the addresses of their BTC and GMT wallets on the website.
Within 24 hours after the wallets are verified, the power of the purchased tokens is sent to the mining pool.
The holder receives a reward for mining to their bitcoin wallet — daily.
The holder uses the received remuneration in ВТС at their discretion.

What differs GMT from traditional mining?

Traditional mining


Technical difficulties

Traditional mining – Technical difficulties

Purchasing equipment, searching a placement site, delivering it to the data center, installing, and connecting — going through all these steps takes several months, and essentially, the invested funds are frozen.

Quick start

GMT – Quick start

The token holders have no need to bother themselves with buying equipment, configuring and maintaining it, as well as searching for a placement site. You can commence mining 24 hours after the token purchase.

Low liquidity

Traditional mining – Low liquidity

For efficient mining, regular updates of the device fleet are required. Therewith, updating the equipment requires substantial resources.

High liquidity

GMT – High liquidity

Unlike hardware, the token is highly liquid. It takes only a few minutes to sell the token, while it is not subject to wear and tear and requires no additional investments.

Maintenance expenses

Traditional mining – Maintenance expenses

Miners are expensive and complex equipment. In case several devices fail or are damaged, the mining capacity will drop considerably and stays depressed until the equipment is repaired or new equipment is purchased.

Zero maintenance costs

GMT – Zero maintenance costs

Users don’t need to monitor the maintenance of their equipment. The GMT team independently monitors the maintenance of devices’ stable hashrate. In case several devices fail, the GMT team will use backup equipment during the repairs.

Increasing the power requires investment

Traditional mining – Increasing the power requires investment

To grow your mining income, a constant increase in computing power is required, which can be achieved by purchasing new equipment.

Increasing the token power without investment

GMT – Increasing the token power without investment

The commissioning of new equipment increases the computing power of each token, and so does the mining reward.

Computing power of GMT

Refer to real-time data below on the number of GMT devices and their performance, sourced from the Binance Pool website.

Equipment hashrate



Distributed to holders



GMT holders

Current pool hash power: 0 TH
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