Development strategy

During the first year after the release of the token, we plan to bring the average energy efficiency of our equipment to 50 W/TH with a total capacity of 200 MW.

Funds raised from token sales are applied towards new equipment purchase.

Current fleet of devices

As of 2022-01-12

Model Total power, TH
Energy efficiency, W/Th
S9i 30,000 90
M32s 51,000 52
M32s 10,000 60
S19pro 78,800 35
WM68TH 10,200 60
1166pro 10,000 42
1126pro 70,000 50
M21s 45,600 60
M20s 89,400 48
M31s 15,000 42
Total 410,000 50.97

Investment strategy


Independent income

Due to its nature, GMT is an investment vehicle itself. Each token is backed by a real, already working unit of power with a projected yield, and with an increase in the value of BTC, it's growth will proportionally increase.


Fundamental exchange growth

Rush demand associated with the growth of BTC creates a constant shortage in the market of mining equipment, which entails a constant increase in its price. The GMT exchange rate is reacting at an accelerated pace to the increase in the cost of equipment, and due to the presence of already operating equipment and the high liquidity of its turnover, the investment multiplier multiplies the value of the token.


Quick start

Linking to the real indicators of equipment and their value completely protects the token from falling to negative values for the investor, since the value of the token cannot be lower than the cost of the equipment it is backed with.

In addition to the available tools, our company will act as market makers of the token independently
and maintain its value protecting investors.

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