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About the company

GMT is an infrastructure project for BTC mining. The main objective of the project is to provide simple and comprehensible access to Bitcoin mining for participants of different expertise levels — from newbies to professionals. The project's foundation is its proprietary data centers and a constantly replenished fleet of computing power devices for mining. The GMT Token is a key product of the project and a nexus connecting the professional equipment and the end user. Each token is supported by a portion of the computing power of the GMT device fleet. Due to this, the token provides its holder with quick access to mining.

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Smart contract address: 0x7Ddc52c4De30e94Be3A6A0A2b259b2850f421989

Project objective

Our global goal is to take 20% of the global mining. And this means:

30 mln TH

Achieve a 20% share of the world's mining, which corresponds to a capacity of 30,310,000 TH.

10 billion GMT

Increase the number of tokens in circulation up to 10,000,000,000 GMT

45 W/TH

Bring the average energy efficiency of our equipment to 45 W/TH

Top 30

Get listed on the Top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance

GMT live

Camera 3

Data center. Block 84

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